Gonzo Marketers


Gonzo Marketing comes down to three important questions:

Question #1 – Where are you?

The strategic marketing process starts with determining your current market position.

We will talk to you, your employees, your clients and maybe even your competitors. And we will also include a whole lot of new information. We are good at getting the bits and pieces you never knew about.

From those answers, and other research, we assemble a SWOT – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. You may have done this in the past, but is likely that this is the first time you have written it all down.  

Question #2 -- Where do you want to go?

We ask you about your goals.  How much do you want to increase sales?  Do you have the capabilities to handle that increase?  If not, what will you have to do in order to meet that goal?  You have to have a destination, or you are not going to know when you have arrived.

Question #3 – How are you going to get there?

This is the step-by-step plan that will support your strategy.  It will include various things you will need to generate awareness, develop additional business, and sell more of your product or service. 

It might include advertising, direct mail, radio, broadcast. Whatever this plan includes, it will be based on the specific needs of your business, where you are in the market, and where you want to go.

GONZO - A Style
in which the creator is
intrinsically enmeshed
with the subject action.

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