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Don's Bikes - Floyd Landis

Don's Bikes poster - Floyd Landis

Strategy: Don’s Bikes, a retail bicycle store in Rialto, CA, specializes in high-end road and mountain bikes retailing for as much as $6,000. Annual sales are more than twice the national average for a retail bicycle shop. Part of the strategy was to propel sales to the next level by creating an image of Don’s as a destination shop.

Research: The average customer has to drive past at least one other comparable bicycle store to get to Don’s. In addition, distribution chains are changing, with some of the bicycle manufacturers opening concept stores that dedicate as much as 80% of the store inventory to one manufacturer.

Execution: Gonzo Marketers executed several special events, including an appearance at the shop by Floyd Landis, winner of the 2006 Tour de France. Almost 100 cyclists came to Floyd Night, and more than 125 were on hand two days later for a training ride led by Landis. Gonzo Marketers procured a police escort for the ride at no cost from the City of Rialto.

Details: Gonzo Marketers designed a flyer in the style of a fine art poster to promote the event. The flyer was an immediate hit with attendees seeking an autograph from Landis, and the posters will hang in their garages, forever reminding them that their encounter with Landis was courtesy of Don’s Bikes.

Results: Gonzo Marketers invited members of the local media, resulting in several stories, including the front-page headline of one newspaper. Sales for the month of the Landis appearance were up 35% over same month sales the previous year. Sales year-to-date are meeting with similar results.

Farmer Boys

Farmer Boys Truck Almanac

Farmer Boys caters to the quick-casual dining niche. The strategy was to increase the number of Farmer Boys franchises by appealing to area developers — entrepreneurs who have a history of successful operations in other franchises and who are looking to translate that success into a new franchise.

Research: Area developers are busy people. They are the target of endless appeals from other franchise businesses. The campaign had to be impactful, memorable, and have a long shelf life.

Execution: We designed and implemented a branded, multi-piece direct mail campaign. The pieces were so unique and memorable that recipients were hesitant to throw them away. They remained in the office as a constant reminder of Farmer Boys.

Result: Farmer Boys continues to track relationships and contacts derived from this campaign. This campaign also won four Gold Addy Awards from the Inland Empire Ad Club. Each piece of the campaign received an award, as well as an award for the overall campaign.

Simplex Isolation Systems

Simplex Isolation Systems

: Simplex manufactures isolation systems — cleanrooms, strip doors, softwall curtains and other components that help manufacturers protect their environment from dust, noise and contamination. Simplex products are routinely used by NASA, JPL, and many other household names.

Research: The norm for manufacturers in this industry was to dwell on the features and benefits of the product. Gonzo Marketers believes that even B2B purchases are based on emotion.

Execution: We developed a campaign tagline — Simplex as 1,2,3, and used images that pinpointed specific applications and added some drama to the message.



GatorJaw is a new product, a multi-purpose aluminum extrusion used by manufacturing engineers for building workbenches, instrument stands, safety enclosures and any number of projects.

Strategy: We needed to build awareness. We needed to appeal to the emotions of the people who would purchase GatorJaw — manufacturing engineers and plant engineers. These are people who need to keep production running by developing quick and long lasting solutions on the factory floor.

Implementation: We also identified several electronic newsletters which also reached the market of factory engineers and manufacturing engineers. The value of the electronic newsletters is that they always included a click-through link to the GatorJaw website, which could be easily tracked.

Results: Electronic press releases boosted web traffic by a factor of 14 times, and a title sponsorship of an electronic newsletter — that was negotiated at 33% of the going rate — resulted in a 5500% increase in web traffic in a single day.

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