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Strategic Planning

Having a strategy is the first job of marketing.  Who are you?  Where are you going?  How are you going to get there? How will you know when you do get there?  These are the questions we need to answer before we develop your marketing plan.

It is absolutely amazing how many people invest substantial amount of money in marketing without clear answers to these questions.  They may think they know the answer, but more likely what they think they know about their company and market is a SWAG – a Scientific Wild-Ass Guess!

Gonzo Marketers works with clients who employ us to answer these questions before embarking on the serious business of marketing and advertising. The follow-up is to develop innovative and breakthrough marketing campaigns that capitalize on the uniqueness of your business or product.

Media Placement and Negotiation

If your marketing plan calls for media placement, Gonzo Marketers and our associates are skilled at media placement and negotiating – whether it is print, broadcast, out-of-home (billboards, bus signage, etc.), electronic media, or the many other types that are available to you. We make sure you get the bang for your buck, and well as all the value added opportunities you deserve.

We are also experienced at producing these materials and providing the outlets with what works best of your company and gets the best results.

Public Relations

Part of getting your company exposure is giving others a reason to say something good about you. Third-party testimonials carry the punch of someone who was so moved by your offering they put it in print, or broadcast it on their radio or television show. Press releases are just one way of doing that. The media is not going to know to write about you unless you tell them your story. 

Gonzo Marketers is skilled at writing and placing press releases, but we are equally as skilled at getting the bigger story out there.  A feature story about your product, service or company can be an invaluable promotion.  We cultivate relationships with editors and we help you get the added coverage.

Guerrilla Marketing

Conventional media outlets, properly used, are still very much a part of today’s advertising and marketing landscape. But in an increasingly segmented yet cluttered marketplace, your needs often include doing something that makes you stand out, that creates that elusive thing called “customer delight.”   

It might be a special event, an innovative direct mail campaign, or an electronic newsletter or blog that gets information into the hands of customers, or perhaps a grass roots word-of-mouth marketing campaign.  At Gonzo Marketers we pride ourselves at keeping up with the latest innovations and technology to give our clients a jump on the competition.

Graphic Design

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